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Pregnancy App

Natan Rosenfeld December 28, 2020


Pregnancy App is a comprehensive App that provides pregnancy support, guidance and information. The app is descriptive, contains images to illustrate information that is provided and also gives advice about various pregnancy conditions and how to prevent and treat them. 



After downloading the app, the user logs in and is prompted to enter how many weeks pregnant she is. She is then directed to the home page that provides information pertaining to various aspects relevant to that week of pregnancy. Information relevant to the expecting mother includes details such as expected weight gain, well visits to a healthcare provider, physical ailments that the mother could experience and how to avoid or treat these as well as tips to remain healthy and best nurture the growing fetus. A person also has access to detailed information about the baby in each stage of development. The size of the baby is illustrated by comparison to a fruit or vegetable and relevant, engaging facts are provided at each stage of the Fetus’s growth. The app also has a number of other useful pregnancy features such as a weight tracker, kick counter, contraction counter, calendar and diary, kegel exercise trainer and even a link to relevant online stores selling pregnancy, nursing and baby products that a new mother may need.


Pregnancy Tools:

This section contains the following tools:


Weight tracker: The user enters height and weight information and then weight gain at any given week. The App then calculates current weight gain and also gives an estimate of the expected final pregnancy weight. 

Kegel Exercises: This section guides and trains a woman to properly practice Kegel exercises.

Calendar and Diary: This section acts as a diary for the user to make notes and to set reminders.

Kick counter: This section allows a woman to count and record the number of kicks per time interval thereby allowing the ability to accurately track her Baby’s movement.

Contraction Counter: This section provides the woman the opportunity to measure and count her contractions.

Pregnancy Items: This section has links to online stores that carry a variety of maternity, nursing, and baby items.

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