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First Trimester Pregnancy – Due Date

February 2, 2021


If you have just found out that you are pregnant and you are in the early stages, and this is a pregnancy that you were hoping for, congratulations. This is a really exciting and optimistic time in your life. And one of the most important things that people want to know right from the beginning so that they can make plans is, what is my due date? Well, the due date, which is otherwise known as the estimated date of confinement, or as your healthcare provider will call it, the EDC. The estimated date of confinement is 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. And it will take into account any ultrasounds that are done in the early stages or the first trimester. The first trimester runs for the first 14 weeks. And that happens to be the most accurate time for an ultrasound to estimate the size of the length of the embryo to cross reference with that period and figure out the day the baby will be born. Now, a lot of people want to know exactly what day their baby's going to be born. And I'm here to tell you they never come when we expect them to. So the due date or the estimated date of confinement is 40 weeks. Well, babies are considered full term anywhere from 37 weeks to 42. So your baby can be born, let's say a month on either side of that due date and still be considered to be a normal gestational period or a normal pregnancy.

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