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First Trimester Pregnancy – Miscarriage

February 2, 2021


In the first trimester, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of that could go wrong. So miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is that situation where the pregnancy doesn't develop properly doesn't implant or doesn't become established. And that pregnancy can be lost. So bleeding and cramping, and ultimately a passage of that tissue. Sometimes that tissue doesn't come away properly. And a woman who's having a spontaneous abortion and not properly passing the contents of the uterus, they need to go on to have either medicine to help that uterus contract and clean out, or dilation and curettage, a D&C, which also helps the uterus clean out. Most of the time, a woman's body that's going through a miscarriage knows what it's doing, and it can actually carry out that process quite naturally and quite effectively. Now that's the physical side. We also know with a miscarriage that this is a real loss and that there's a grieving process involved. And if you're having a miscarriage or you've had a miscarriage even a long time ago, and you're still feeling sad, discouraged, or feeling depressed or anxious about that experience, reach out to your healthcare provider, go to your partner, call your friends, access support, because this is not something that you should have to manage alone.

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