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Pregnancy and COVID-19 – Physical Separation

December 26, 2020


If you deliver your baby and you are found to be COVID-19 positive, there's really two choices. And you can make those decisions in conjunction with your healthcare team and the hospital where you have delivered your baby. There are very important discussions to have in advance of that decision-making so that you know what the hospital guidelines are, what the CDC or center for disease control guidelines are at the time of your delivery. This science is emerging and we are gathering information very, very quickly about what the risk of transmission to a newborn would be. But your decision is essentially twofold. First to maintain physical separation from the baby if they're COVID-19 negative and you're COVID-19 positive, and to have another care provider, potentially the other parent take over that role of physical bonding and skin to skin, contact, and diapering and bathing, and really taking care of that baby. And that may be an opportunity for the other parent to develop that relationship with the baby. If you decide as the mom that, that physical separation and reducing risk of transmission to the baby is so important to you that that's the route you want to go.

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